Johannes Kruth

My time in St. John’s, Newfoundland, On September 1st I arrived at the St. John’s Airport. It was my first time in North America and I was really nervous. There was no reason for me to be nervous though because a few minutes later I met the director of NISEP, Marc Ward and my host father, Doug Long. They were very friendly and I already felt more comfortable. The next weeks and months were a huge adventure. I met so many new, interesting people at school, in the homestay program and in St. John’s in general. Everybody was so friendly and interested. I didn’t need a very long time to get used to living in my host family. After some days it already felt like home. At school I found friends really quick because students from Newfoundland find it interesting to talk to new, foreign people. So, it was easier for me to improve my English and to “hang out” with a lot of different people. The homestay program also helped a lot. I met students from Mexico and China and we did activities like Scuba Diving or a Boat Trip.

Besides, the landscape on “the Rock” is very different than what I knew from home in Germany. It was exciting to discover the sights (like Signal Hill or Cape Spear) and to go for a walk at the bay. Another great thing in St. John’s, and Canada in general, is Ice Hockey. In Germany Ice Hockey is not famous at all but everybody in Newfoundland was so excited about it. Every now and then I went to Hockey games where the local team, the St. John’s IceCaps played. It was awesome to see the fast, rough games and after a few weeks I became a real fan. I also saw a lot of bands, as the music scene in St. John’s is amazing. There are always bands playing somewhere and if you are interested in music or you play an instrument it is no problem to play with different musicians. I even got the chance to play a little show with a friend of mine!

After I spent 4 amazing months in St. John’s I had to go home again. There were about 15 people at the airport, my host family and friends. Even if I was happy to see my family and friends back in Germany again, I was sad because I had to leave so many cool people and a beautiful country. Nevertheless, I am sure that I will come back to Newfoundland.