Gabriel Leal Aguilar

My time in Newfoundland was great. Since the first day of this wonderful adventure, I got to meet some of the coordinators, my home-stay family and I also made friends with students from my country on the way to Newfoundland, Canada. Everyone with the NISEP agency were just awesome. The coordinators and families were so kind and caring. I have no words to describe how wonderful my home-stay family was. My parents were so thoughtful, always trying to make me feel comfortable and even buying the food that I liked. I had a lot of fun sharing with my two host family brothers too, with whom I got along with very well. I also made many good friends at school. There were lots of activities where we all got to share and have a wonderful time. Everyone in Newfoundland were so kind to us. The whole experience was awesome, meeting other students and their cultures from all around the world, the fun activities, the beautiful places. It was all amazing and fun. I recommend it a lot to everyone who wants to have a really good time.